Sky View puts on another stellar show with Beauty and the Beast

Image: Belle and the Beast 

In the mid 1700’s the fairytale of a spoiled prince that is turned into a hideous beast, by a spurned enchantress, spread its way throughout France.  Then in 1991 Walt Disney popularized the fairytale in his musical adaptation called Beauty and the Beast.  This week and next the Sky High Players are blowing the roof off the auditorium at Sky View with their rendition of the musical.

“Happily Ever After” a great show leaving viewers happy they attended

Image: Toxic: Brittney Spears

They say there are two things in life that you can count on, death and taxes. Well it turns out there is another thing you can count on, and that is if you attend a dramatic production at Sky View High School . . . you will never leave disappointed! This year’s variety show put on by the Sky High Players was an entertaining mix that lived up to what we have come to expect from a Sky View show.

The Arabian desert in Smithfield


Jordan Larsen was dressed in rags, stumbling through the dunes of an Arabian desert to find clay to sell at the market. Suddenly he heard the sound of dozens of horses and leapt behind a small rock to hide. To his amazement, forty thieves dressed in black stopped before a large boulder nearby, and with the magic words “Open sesame!” the story of Ali Baba, presented by the Smithfield Youth Theater, unfolded on Sky View’s stage for all to see.

Amazing production sweeps Sky View over the rainbow

Image: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Dorothy (Azure Kline)

With a few sweeps of a giant, fabric tornado, audience members attending the Sky High Players’ production of The Wizard of Oz last night were transported somewhere over the rainbow, where monkeys fly and witches reside. Filled with flying cast members, dancers, and choirs, it was a musical made possible by hours of behind-the-scenes work and practice.

More from Health Days 2010

Image: Goose Girl

Health Days 2010 was a huge success. The Health Days Fun Run, for example, had 672 runners this year. That’s up from 504 last year. A far cry from the 34 that signed up the first year in 1997. The golf tournament raised over $4000 for Sunrise Elementary and over $1000 for the Library. Brooke Snow and her students took hundreds, even thousands of photographs and posted them online. The results of the Fun Run are also online. We’ve posted links to these websites. If you have other links, photos or other information you’d like to add, please submit them to

Murder in the chair

Image: The thirteen chairs

Sometimes high school is just murder. Especially if you are one particular Sky High Player in The Thirteenth Chair. As the last of the three plays put on by the players, the Chair isn’t a comedy like Meet Me In St. Louis although it has it’s funny moments nor is it a drama like 12 Angry Women but still has dramatic tension. Instead, it’s a good old-fashioned whodunnit.

Thirteen solid performances define “12 Angry Women”

Image: Jurors 8 and 3 — Sarah Sidwell plays Juror 8 who is always at odds with Skylar Little as Juror 3.

Twelve Angry Women is undoubtably the hardest play the Sky High Players are doing this year. The intensity the all-girl cast must show throughout the performance should be something beyond the years of these young ladies. Yet, they do a wonderful job of showing not just the surface emotion of their roles, but often the subtle undertones of what is actually driving each juror.

“Meet Me In St. Louis” laughs it’s way through opening night

Image: The Cast — The cast of Sky High Players in Meet Me in St. Louis.

The Sky High Players put on a great show Wednesday night as they performed Meet Me In St. Louis before a small audience in the intimate Little Theater at Sky View High School. “I loved it,” said Cami Trappett about performing the play before an audience for the first time. “It’s way different. We are so used to not having those laughs. I’ve never been that close to an audience before.”