North Logan parents give school board an earful on new high school

NORTH LOGAN — As Mike Liechty stood in front of more than 100 parents Wednesday night in the North Park elementary school gym, faces turned from curious to furious. Liechty, deputy superintendent of the Cache County School District, delivered a 45-minute presentation outlining the district’s plan to build a new high school in Millville, a new elementary school in Lewiston and a new middle school in North Logan, as well as renovating and reorganizing many other schools.

Great way to support Summit Elementary

Vote for Us! Earlier this year, Summit Elementary was nominated for a Power a Bright Future grant from The Clorox Company in hopes of securing up to $50,000 in funding for portable iPad labs. UPDATE: Start date moved to November 19.

Smithfield kids pass smoke test at Summit school Safety Fair

SMITHFIELD—Young children drop to their hands and knees and begin to crawl toward exits at the sound of a blaring smoke alarm. Commands to “stay down low” are broadcast above the noise as artificial smoke swirls through the room clouding vision and impeding breathing. Finally a back door is opened and the students from Summit Elementary rush out of the Utah State Fire Marshal’s Life Safety House and back into fresh air.

Event: Sky View Encore presents “You are the music in me”

“You are the music in me” a spectacular evening of song and dance that will be fun for the whole family. Come and see favorites from all of your favorite decades, including jazz standards, rock and roll classics, and broadway and contemporary hits. Don’t miss it! Show dates are March 22, 23, 24, and 26th at 7:30 pm in the sky view auditorium. Tickets are available at Price is $7 online or $8 at the door.

Event: BYU Young Ambassadors coming to Sky View this Saturday


BYU’s Young Ambassadors are coming to Sky View High School on Saturday, January 21 at 7:15 pm. The show will take place in the Sky View auditorium. Sky View’s Encore performers will open the show with two great numbers. Tickets are on sale now at for $12 and will be available at the door for $15. This will be a fantastic show and a wonderful opportunity to see the Young Ambassadors at a reduced price!

Agenda: Mission statement and code of conduct for Cache School Board

Image: Agenda for the Cache County School Board meeting on Thursday, December 1, 2011

It looks like a fairly standard meeting for the Cache County School Board this Thursday. On the agenda for consideration: approval of mission statement, approval of code of conduct for board members, modification of Millville Elementary Improving Plan, SHARP survey data. Also they will hear reports on student mental health services, media, budgets, the 2012-2013 calendar.

Agenda: School board to honor six teachers of the year

Image: Agenda for the Cache County School Board meeting held at 5:30 PM on November 17, 2011.

UPDATE: The school board did not have a quorum. The administrators and board members present honored the teachers of the year and then dismissed the meeting. The Cache County School Board meets tonight to consider the Code of Conduct for School Board Members, the board mission statement, SHARP survey data, student mental health services presentation, Millville Elementary improvement plan, budget status report. They will also honor six teachers with “School Teachers of the Year” awards.

Agenda: Core Curriculum Report


The Cache County School Board meets Thursday evening to discuss: Utah consolidated plan, PIO Media Specialist, education online report, and the core curriculum report. This meeting is a study session so no action will be taken.

Cache County School Board holds building and bond meeting

Image: Superintendent Steve Norton expresses his appreciation for the quality and dedication of district employees and teachers.

After taking care of some routine business the Cache County School Board discussed how negotiations had gone with the classified employee association, and the teachers association this year. That was followed up with presentations on the progress of a facilities assessment report and a status update on the Adequate Yearly Progress Report (AYP).

Agenda: Building & bond committee report


The Cache County School Board meets Thursday to consider: building & bond committee report, facilities assessment report, adequate yearly progress (AYP) report, board code of conduct. The meeting will be held at the district offices (2035 N 1200 E) on Thursday, August 18 at 5:30 p.m.

Cache County School Board raises property taxes in 4-3 vote

Emotions flared Thursday at the Cache County Board of Education meeting when a proposal to raise property tax was passed by a 4-3 vote by the board. Board member Tamara Grange said the district has “squeezed the turnip” as much as possible, but that they cannot continue to achieve high test scores without funding. “We have cut wherever we can cut,” she said. “We have to prepare these kids for a different world than we grew up in.”

School board votes to raise property taxes by $4 a month

Image: Fall enrollment increased sharply starting in 2006 and has not stopped. Every year over 500 students are added to the district rolls.

The Cache County School Board voted 4-3 to raise property taxes. If finalized in August, the tax on a $200,000 home in Cache County will increase by $47.19. For a $200,000 business property the tax would increase by $85.80. The district will use the money to fund the K-3 reading program, buy new busses, pay for new software, and maintain building roofs and other needs.

The quiet effort of individuals create a state winning debate team

Image: Public Forum Round: James Hodgson (octofinalist), Miles Anderson (octofinalist)

On the surface, a week in the life of Josh Bennion seems typical of a student. The Sky View High School senior stays busy doing homework, reading the news, and making time to hang out with friends. However, during the school year Bennion’s week really begins on Thursday night, when the nationally recognized debater starts cramming case studies, trying to his lead team to a tenth straight state championship.

Cache district considering raising taxes to cover $400,000 shortfall

Image: Kandyce Barber, Heritage Elementary School

The Cache County school board spoke to a full house Thursday night as they handed out yearly awards at their monthly meeting. The School teacher of the Year award was given to 6 teachers who according to the school board, have not only gone above and beyond in teaching, but have strived to leave a mark on their respective schools. The awards were presented to Kandyce Barber, Heritage Elementary School; Wanda Banham, Willow Valley Middle school; Robert Stewart, White Pine Middle School; Shellie Healy, Birch Creek Elementary; Laurie Baldwin, Cedar Ridge Middle School; Lance Robbins, Spring Creek Middle School.

Agenda: Teacher/employee recognition awards, Logan/Cache boundary discussion


The Sky View Debate Team, school teachers of the year, and classified employees of the year will be recognized by the Cache County School Board in their regular meeting this Thursday evening. Also on the agenda for consideration: 2011-12 school improvement plan, trustland plans, professional development days request, budget reports, discussion over the Logan/Cache district boundaries.

Agenda: Another big night for Cache School Board


It’s another big meeting planned for the Cache County School Board. For their regular meeting on Thursday evening the board plans to consider: Sky View school clubs, Intech High trustlands, 2011-12 school fees. They will also hear reports covering the budget status, property, core curriculum and more. The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at the district technology center (2035 N 1200 E).

Cache County School Board presents case for property tax increase

It took just over 3 hours in perhaps one of the longest Cache County School District (CCSD) board meetings in history the district detailed its financial obligations and future needs. After presenting its case the CCSD made a recommendation for a modest increase to property taxes to enable the district to provide much needed maintenance and upkeep of existing facilities, busses, and more.

Sky View students of the month for March 2011

Image: Seniors: Tomas Hernandez, Andrea Halling, Bryn Martineau

Sky View High School has announced the March 2011 Students of the Month. For adhering to the schools program of RCK, Relationships, Character, & Knowledge also known as the RoCK program. RoCK principles include high academic achievement, involvement in extra curricular activities at the school, possessing good character, and demonstrating preparation for the next step in life after high school.

Agenda: Big study session planned for Cache County School Board


“Buildings, Budgets & Levies” are the main subject for Thursday’s planned school board meeting. Also planned for the study session: Intech trustland plans, cell phone tower lease, academic results, graduation assignments, lighthouse institute study. The Cache County School Board meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at the district technology center (2035 N 1200 E).

A dance showcase of all ages at Vistuan review

Image: Vistauns — “Jazz”

The gym hushed into an engaged silence as twenty five pairs of feet marched to the center of the room. “Five, six, seven, eight!” shouted one of the Sky View Vistauns, her mouth set in a confident smile. The procession stopped, a quick beat pulsed through the walls, and thus began the 2010-2011 Sky View Vistaun Review Monday evening.

Agenda: Drug policy report, PLC report, board training

Image: Cache County school board agenda

The Cache County School Board meets tonight for a study session. The agenda includes: drug policy report, PLC’s report, basic finance course, and board training. The meeting is for discussion and information only, no decisions are scheduled to be made. The board meets at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 3, 2011 at the Technology Center (2035 N 1200 E).

Agenda: No cussing club, surplus church building


The Cache County School Board will meet Thursday evening to consider: federal surplus property program, English language center report, energy education report, South Cache Trustlands plan, declare River Heights church as surplus, cell phone usage. The board meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. at the District Technology Center (2035 N 1200 E) on Wednesday, February 17, 2011. The meeting is open to the public.