Encore Spring Show

Celebrate good times, come on! Sky View High School’s Encore Performing Group proudly presents their spring show—Celebrate! Come and enjoy song and dance numbers from all of your favorite eras including classic favorites like ‘Joint is Jumpin,’ ‘Love is Here to Stay,’ ‘Route 66,’ and ‘Rock and Roll is Here to Stay,’ as well as contemporary hits including ‘Skyfall,’ ‘Forget You,’ and ’You’ll Be in My Heart.’ Fun for the whole family!

Event: SV & MC marching bands perform Monday night


The SV and MC Marching bands will be performing their 2013 shows at the Marching Band Family Night — Monday at 7:30 PM. The Sky View show is titled “Rhythm of the Rain Forest.” The Mountain Crest show is titled “Immortals.” The community is invited to attend this event to help friends and families of these talented and hardworking students kick off their competitive seasons.

Reeder kickstarts second novel

Image: Cover for Showdown at the Burnt Creek Café

After a successful novel-writing experience last summer, Smithfield resident Marty Reeder is looking to repeat this year by writing a proposed young adult novel titled Showdown at the Burnt Creek Café, releasing it one chapter per week in e-reader formats starting this fall.

Event: Encore’s “Life’s A Happy Song” starts Thursday

Sky View High School’s Encore performance choir proudly presents “Life’s a Happy Song”. Don’t miss this evening of fun-filled song and dance for the whole family with classic hits from your favorite decades from the 1920’s up to the present day. The show runs March 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 25th at 7 p.m. in the Sky View High School Auditorium. Tickets are available for $7 online at www.skyviewtix.org or at the door for $8.

Journalism teacher writing young adult novel using ‘novel’ process

Image: Cover for Once Upon a Fjord by Marty Reeder

Marty Reeder has been teaching his students the art of writing for years. Reading and writing is his passion day in and day out. He is always encouraging all Sky View students to read and find their passion for literature, and he is consistently showing them by example. Mr. Reeder is infamous for always having a book just an arm’s length away.

Sky View’s Encore will put the music in you

Image: Max Benson in the opening number

Sky View’s musical ensemble Encore hosts it’s annual performance in this year’s “You are the Music in Me.” With music that covers multiple decades from the twenties on to contemporary hits this year’s Encore performance lives up to the high quality entertainment that we have come to expect from Sky View performances.

Sky View puts on another stellar show with Beauty and the Beast

Image: Belle and the Beast 

In the mid 1700’s the fairytale of a spoiled prince that is turned into a hideous beast, by a spurned enchantress, spread its way throughout France.  Then in 1991 Walt Disney popularized the fairytale in his musical adaptation called Beauty and the Beast.  This week and next the Sky High Players are blowing the roof off the auditorium at Sky View with their rendition of the musical.

“Happily Ever After” a great show leaving viewers happy they attended

Image: Toxic: Brittney Spears

They say there are two things in life that you can count on, death and taxes. Well it turns out there is another thing you can count on, and that is if you attend a dramatic production at Sky View High School . . . you will never leave disappointed! This year’s variety show put on by the Sky High Players was an entertaining mix that lived up to what we have come to expect from a Sky View show.

Sky View High School Marching Band


In 2011, the Sky View Marching Band is performing music by Blue Man Group, Dave Brubeck and Frank Tichelli. The 2011 show features an authentic novelty instrument called a Tubulum which was handmade from more than 200 feet of PVC pipe.

Event: Sky View Idol contest to raise money for show choir

Image: Sky View Idol contestants

Sky View Encore is hosting Sky View Idol on Wednesday, October 12 at 7 pm in the Sky View Auditorium. Tickets are $5 each and all proceeds from the event will help support Encore, Sky View High School’s fantastic show choir. The finest singers at Sky View vied for a spot in the show. Sixteen finalists were selected.

Upcoming performances for the Sky View Marching Band

Image: Parent Night performance

The Sky View Marching band will be playing during tonight’s football game (at halftime). The band has a busy schedule for october including a band invitational at USU on October 15 and a trip to St. George for the regional band competition at Dixie College.

The halls were alive with the sound of music

Image: Concert Choir

On Tuesday May 17th the Sky View High School String Orchestra and Concert Choir entertained a small group of family members, fellow students, and friends in one of their final performances of the year. In a beautiful mix of orchestral music and vocal pageantry those in attendance at Tuesday’s concert were treated to a wonderful performance that showcased the amazing talent of these students.

The Arabian desert in Smithfield


Jordan Larsen was dressed in rags, stumbling through the dunes of an Arabian desert to find clay to sell at the market. Suddenly he heard the sound of dozens of horses and leapt behind a small rock to hide. To his amazement, forty thieves dressed in black stopped before a large boulder nearby, and with the magic words “Open sesame!” the story of Ali Baba, presented by the Smithfield Youth Theater, unfolded on Sky View’s stage for all to see.

Encore ready to entertain the masses


The faculty and students that are part of “Encore” at Sky View have been working for months preparing a presentation that will showcase limitless talent. Led by Karen Tuescher, the Encore group has been polishing this year’s show and will be taking the stage four nights this week to entertain those who will be attending the show.

Amazing production sweeps Sky View over the rainbow

Image: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Dorothy (Azure Kline)

With a few sweeps of a giant, fabric tornado, audience members attending the Sky High Players’ production of The Wizard of Oz last night were transported somewhere over the rainbow, where monkeys fly and witches reside. Filled with flying cast members, dancers, and choirs, it was a musical made possible by hours of behind-the-scenes work and practice.

Creating rainbows

Image: Fire department creates rainbows

On Wednesday I saw the fire truck over by the school emptying a water tank truck. I have seen them do this several times. This time it created interesting rainbows.

A 5-string good time with Banjoman & Company

Image: Banjoman & Co. — Dave Hunt on fiddle with the Banjoman, Dave Taylor, performing in the Smithfield Youth Center.

Smithfield residents were treated to a night of bluegrass on Saturday as the popular local band Banjoman & Co. played at the city’s weekly Concert in the Park. Consisting of sing-a-longs, popular tunes, and original compositions, the evening’s performances brought smiles and nostalgia to the faces of all who listened.

More from Health Days 2010

Image: Goose Girl

Health Days 2010 was a huge success. The Health Days Fun Run, for example, had 672 runners this year. That’s up from 504 last year. A far cry from the 34 that signed up the first year in 1997. The golf tournament raised over $4000 for Sunrise Elementary and over $1000 for the Library. Brooke Snow and her students took hundreds, even thousands of photographs and posted them online. The results of the Fun Run are also online. We’ve posted links to these websites. If you have other links, photos or other information you’d like to add, please submit them to submissions@smithfieldsun.com.

Sky View Bands end year with “Superior” performance

Image: Symphonic Band

The Sky View bands have come a long way since their first concert last November. It was a good concert for the first trimester. They played a lot of fun songs and had fun themselves. Yet it lacked the cohesiveness of truly great bands. What a difference six months make. Tuesday night the Sky View Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band and Percussion Ensembles delivered superior performances across the board. Rich sound, excellent intonation, tight rhythms, smooth phrasing. No wonder they did so well at state band festivals this year.

Murder in the chair

Image: The thirteen chairs

Sometimes high school is just murder. Especially if you are one particular Sky High Player in The Thirteenth Chair. As the last of the three plays put on by the players, the Chair isn’t a comedy like Meet Me In St. Louis although it has it’s funny moments nor is it a drama like 12 Angry Women but still has dramatic tension. Instead, it’s a good old-fashioned whodunnit.

Thirteen solid performances define “12 Angry Women”

Image: Jurors 8 and 3 — Sarah Sidwell plays Juror 8 who is always at odds with Skylar Little as Juror 3.

Twelve Angry Women is undoubtably the hardest play the Sky High Players are doing this year. The intensity the all-girl cast must show throughout the performance should be something beyond the years of these young ladies. Yet, they do a wonderful job of showing not just the surface emotion of their roles, but often the subtle undertones of what is actually driving each juror.

“Meet Me In St. Louis” laughs it’s way through opening night

Image: The Cast — The cast of Sky High Players in Meet Me in St. Louis.

The Sky High Players put on a great show Wednesday night as they performed Meet Me In St. Louis before a small audience in the intimate Little Theater at Sky View High School. “I loved it,” said Cami Trappett about performing the play before an audience for the first time. “It’s way different. We are so used to not having those laughs. I’ve never been that close to an audience before.”

You Can’t Stop The Beat of Encore’s performance

Image: “Nite Fever” — Part of a great medley of songs the whole group goes disco in Nite Fever.

Sky View’s show choir, Encore, put on a superb show last week. The group of ten girls and ten guys performed hits from big band era to today at the Sky View auditorium. Kicking it off with Footloose they put everything they had into the show. “We are real proud of them, they are amazing,” said John Caldwell. John and his wife, Jen, are co-directors for Encore. “Every year when you think maybe we are going to cut back and do less and less — then you have the show and you think it is totally worth it.”

Winter’s moment in time


I love weather and how it affects the light and color of all things of nature. My favorite times to photograph are weather related; the best times of day are the first 3 hours just after the sun starts to rise, and the last 3 hours as the sun drops into the western horizon. The colors and hues of colors along with slanted light create an amazing palate of color, with radiant and delicate hues adding drama to each captured moment. I refer to these times as “Mother Nature’s Moments of Glory”

Seven bands battle it out at Sky View

Image: 4 Years — Josh Hnton helps 4 Years check sound before the contest

Last Thursday the Sky View Auditorium was anything but quiet. Inside, tension was building as bands were preparing to jam their hearts out in front of three amazing judges. The judges for this event were Jared Allen, Chris Hampton, and Keith Larsen. The extravagant Mr. Reeder was the host for the evening. His hilarious remarks only added to the show.

Sky View orchestra and choir put on quite a show

Image: Tuning up — Concert Master Rebecca Young (in front) strikes the tone for the Sky View Orchestra to tune up.

In the choir room, Tuesday night, John Caldwell is trying to get his 93-student choir organized so they can squeeze onto the small stand that will be set up on the stage. The process is somewhat chaotic, but they are making progress. Meanwhile the orchestra is warming up in the auditorium — the sound of musicians noodling on their instruments comes wafting down the hall. Eventually Caldwell gets everyone sorted and they move into the concert hall, not to the stage but to their seats — it’s not their turn, yet.