Great way to support Summit Elementary

Vote for Us! Earlier this year, Summit Elementary was nominated for a Power a Bright Future grant from The Clorox Company in hopes of securing up to $50,000 in funding for portable iPad labs. UPDATE: Start date moved to November 19.

Smithfield kids pass smoke test at Summit school Safety Fair

SMITHFIELD—Young children drop to their hands and knees and begin to crawl toward exits at the sound of a blaring smoke alarm. Commands to “stay down low” are broadcast above the noise as artificial smoke swirls through the room clouding vision and impeding breathing. Finally a back door is opened and the students from Summit Elementary rush out of the Utah State Fire Marshal’s Life Safety House and back into fresh air.

No more selling cookie dough

Summit Elementary’s first ever ‘Race for the Summit’ run-a-thon turned out to be a successful fundraiser, raising $10,000 for the school. Becky Neilson, head of fundraising for the PTA, came up with the idea. Neilson said she decided to try it after her niece in Alabama told her of her success with it.