What exactly is “We the People”?

Image: Unit 6 — Unit 6 stands and gives their names for the judges

It’s a Saturday morning, and thirty high school students are gathered in a Sky View classroom. Half of them are sprawled across desks, their noses buried in books. The other half are animatedly discussing free speech, federalism, healthcare, and a variety of other government related issues. Any outsider stumbling upon such a scene would scratch their head and ask, “What kind of teenagers are these?” Meet Sky View’s 2010 “We the People” team.

Sky View cottage meeting Thursday in Newton

Sky View high school administration are holding Cottage Meetings throughout the community. Cottage meetings are informal get togethers with no planned agenda. Come and chat with Sky View administrators about your thoughts, ideas, concerns. Their plan is to simply listen and keep their ears close to the ground and hear from the community. They are looking forward to meeting with parents in the community.

Sky View Cottage Meeting

The Sky View administration will be holding Cottage Meetings throughout the community. A Cottage Meeting is an informal get together with no formal agenda. It’s a chance to meet the Sky View administrators and to chat about your thoughts, ideas, concerns.