2011 Honors for Sky View boys and girls basketball players

Image: Casey Oliverson

Casey Oliverson (Corey Burger)

High school basketball season is all wrapped up, shoes are stowed, uniforms are laundered and put away waiting for next year, and all that is left to do is give out awards. Several Sky View players were honored this year for their on-court contributions.

Sky View Girls Basketball Honors

The Lady Bobcats had a stellar year finishing 16-8-0, and went deep into the State Championship Tournament. In the first round of the tournament the ladies came away with a 63-50 victory over Woods Cross, before beating Snow Canyon 57-49 in the second round. The Lady Cats lost a heartbreaker to Springville 53-49 in the semi-final round.

2011 Herald Journal All-Valley Team

Newcomer of the Year: Tara Goldman; First Team: Dannika Webb; Second Team: Maddie Day & Linsey Walker; Honorable Mention: Maury Beorchia, Whitney Alvey, & Courtney Ballard

2011 Herald Journal All-Valley Team

Deseret News Girl’s Basketball All-Region Team

The Deseret News honored several Sky View girls in their annual All-Region Team selection. First team honors went to Dannika Webb and Tara Goldman. Maddie Day was named to the Second team All-Region. Defensive team honors were given to Maury Beorchia, and Dannika Webb.

Honorable Mention honors were given to Linsey Walker, Maury Beorchia, and Whitney Alvey.

Deseret News Girls Basketball All-Region Teams

Salt Lake Tribune Girl’s Basketball All-State Team

Dannika Webb and Tara Goldman were also given the Salt Lake Tribune First Team All-State honors.

Salt Lake Tribune Girls Basketball All-State Team

Girls Team

Dannika Webb #5

Dannika Webb a 5’5" Junior Guard is a powder keg on both ends of the court. The feisty player scored 281 points this season for the Lady Cats. Webb averaged 11.71 points per game of which 54 points came from behind the 3-point arc. Webb had six games with 4, 3-pointers, and against Mountain Crest on Jan. 4th she drained 6 from downtown. Webb had two games where she scored 24 points first on Jan. 4th against Mountain Crest and again on Feb. 22nd against Woods Cross. Webb also crashed the boards for 48 rebounds this season and had 72 assists a 3.0 per game average. Great scoring, rebounding and assists, were just a few categories where Webb shined, turn-overs were a big part of her game as well as she had 70 steals this year averaging 2.92 per game. The all-around player will be a welcome return next season for the Bobcats.

Tara Goldman #34

Tara Goldman a 5’11" Sophomore Forward was a prolific scorer for Sky View this season. Goldman contributed 241 points averaging 10.04 points per game. Goldman’s nose for finding the ball allowed her to wrangle in 159 rebounds, averaging 6.62 boards per game. Averaging 1.29 steals per game Goldman came away with 31 steals this season. Goldman’s big game came against Bonneville on Feb. 10th when she put up 18 points.

Maddie Day #23

Maddie Day a 5’9" Sophomore Forward went about playing her game in a serious fashion that paid off for her in scoring 194 points this season for a per game average of 8.08 points. The quick and efficient hands of Day allowed her to grab 132 rebounds averaging 5.5 per game. She also made a notable contribution in the assists category with 20 on the season, and an impressive 37 steals this year averaging 1.54 per game. Day had two 14 point games this year first at Roy on Dec. 10th and again in the State Championship Tournament Semi-Final game against Springville on Feb. 25th.

Maury Beorchia #31

Maury Beorchia is a 5’7" Senior Guard who contributed 73 points this season averaging 3.03 per game. Beorchia drained 14 from behind the arc. Beorchia made huge contributions on defense where she averaged 1.75 rebounds per game with her 42 boards for the season. She also had 24 assists and contributed 37 steals on the defensive side of the ball. Beorchia had a 12 point game against Logan on the 27th of Jan., 4 of those baskets were 3-pointers.

Linsey Walker #44

Linsey Walker a 5’9" Senior Center made a major scoring contribution with her 171 points. Walker averaged 129 rebounds for a 5.38 per game average. Walker had 8 assists and was a defensive leader adding a 1.33 per game steal average with 32 on the season. Walker’s high scoring game came on Dec. 2nd against Woods Cross when she scored 19 points and came away with 20 of her rebounds in that game.

Whitney Alvey #24

Whitney Alvey is a 5’8" Junior Forward that added 114 points to Sky View’s season total. Alvey sank 13, 3-pointers this season. Alvey’s big game came against Logan on Jan. 27th when she put up 13 points, 3 of those baskets came from behind the 3 point line. Alvey also put up 13 in a later game that came on Feb. 15th against Logan. Alvey contributed 30 rebounds averaging 1.25 per game, along with a 1.04 per game average in the steals category with her 25 on the season.

Courtney Ballard #15

Courtney Ballard is a 6’0" Center that put up 122 points for the Lady Cats this season averaging 5.08 points per game. She made a huge contribution on the boards grabbing 133 rebounds a 5.54 per game average, and came up with 19 steals. She had 3 11-point games and her high point game came against Woods Cross on Nov. 30th when she scored 14 points.

Sky View Boys Basketball Honors

The boy’s basketball team finished strong putting together some epic battles against valley rivals Mountain Crest and Logan to clinch the Region 5 title this year finishing 16-7-0 overall. With 11 wins in the region the boy’s team advanced to the State Championship Basketball Tournament. The men picked up a 67-47 first round win against Salem Hills before falling 61-50 to Lehi in the second round of the tournament.

2011 Herald Journal All-Valley Team

Player of the Year: Casey Oliverson; First Team Honors: Grayson Moore; Second Team Honors: Riley Knowles; Honorable Mention: Don Corbell, Jordan Nielsen, & Ty Nielsen

2011 Herald Journal All-Valley Team

Deseret News Boy’s Basketball All-Region Team

First team honors were awarded to Casey Oliverson, and Grayson Moore. Honorable mention honors were given to Riley Knowles, Don Corbell, and Jordan Nielsen.

Deseret News Boys Basketball All-Region Teams

Salt Lake Tribune Boy’s Basketball All-State Team

First team honors were awarded to Casey Oliverson.

Salt Lake Tribune Boys Basketball All-State Team

Boys team

Casey Oliverson #32

Casey Oliverson the 6’8", 210 Junior scored 323 points for the season averaging 14.04 points per game. Oliverson pulled down 245 Rebounds. His high point season game came on December 3rd against Bear River where he scored 27 points and crashed the boards for 17 rebounds. In May of 2010 Casey Oliverson verbally committed to become an Aggie playing for Stew Morrill and crew when his high school playing days are over. Utah State will have to wait until the 2012 season before they can take advantage of his talents as he will be suited up for one more season with the Bobcats when he plays as a senior next year.

Grayson Moore #2

Grayson Moore a 6’1" Senior, scored 253 points of which 33 baskets came from 3 pointers. Moore put up 22 points against Skyline on December 1st, 2010. He averaged 11 points per game. On March 3rd in the second round of the State Championship Tournament Moore dropped 5 from behind the arc. Moore had 9 rebounds during the season.

Riley Knowles #10

Riley Knowles the 5’8" Junior proved that dynamite does come in small packages. Knowles scored 177 points averaging 7.70 points per game. 38 of Knowles season baskets came from three pointers. Knowles had two games where he nailed 4 baskets from downtown on Jan. 26th against Bonneville and again on Feb. 9th against Mountain Crest. On Feb. 23rd against Ogden he hit 5, 3-pointers.

Don Corbell #14

Don Corbell a 6’ 5" 215 pound Senior that had major contributions in both football and basketball this year scored 140 points this season and pulled down 20 rebounds. Corbell averaged 6.09 points per game, and had a 10 rebound game against Salem Hills on March 1st in the State Championship tournament. Corbell’s high point game came against Bonneville on Feb. 11th when he scored 16 points.

Jordan Nielsen #34

Jordan Nielsen is a 6’6" 205 pound Senior that has starred in two sports. Nielsen a workhorse in both football and basketball scored 181 points this season and brought down 14 rebounds. Averaging 7.87 points per game Nielsen a quiet, tenacious player battled in every game he played. On Dec. 10th Nielsen put up 21 points against Pine View.

Ty Nielsen #3

Ty Nielsen is a 6’2" Sophomore that came off the bench for Sky View and scored 102 points for the men’s team this year. 4 of Ty’s baskets came from behind the 3-point arc. Ty is a consistently high energy player that ensured there was no let down in the game when he came into the game. Ty’s high point game was against Morgan on Dec. 30th when he scored 12 points, one of those baskets was a 3-pointer.

The Smithfield Sun would like to congratulate these fine student athletes for their on-court contributions and great off-court presence. These players epitomize the work ethic and character that has come to be expected of Sky View athletes and their hard work has paid off. Congratulations!

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