A dance showcase of all ages at Vistuan review

Image: Vistauns — “Superbeat”

Vistauns — “Superbeat” (Corey Burger)

The gym hushed into an engaged silence as twenty five pairs of feet marched to the center of the room. “Five, six, seven, eight!” shouted one of the Sky View Vistauns, her mouth set in a confident smile. The procession stopped, a quick beat pulsed through the walls, and thus began the 2010-2011 Sky View Vistaun Review Monday evening.

Jackie Johnson, a Vistaun coach, said, “The reason why we have the Vistaun review is to give the girls a chance to showcase what they’ve done all year.” In a way, the review is similar to the team’s closing social for the year.

Starting with their dance entitled Telephone, the girls performed every routine they had learned and performed all year at different school events. Those included a jazz routine, a Halloween routine, a hip hop routine, the routine from Homecoming, and individual routines for each class.

Erin Bohman, a junior, said that her favorite part of being a Vistaun was “performing in front of people.” She added that the competitions are fun as well. The review, she said, helps to show off those performances.

The night was filled with routines from not only the Vistauns, but Tueller School of Dance, Dance Illusion, Dance Dynamics, Rhythm Connection, LaShar’s, and Dance Source. Audience members were transported from the plains of Dance Dynamic’s Africa to the kicks and flips of gymnastics routines done by Rhythm Connection and Dance Source.

Also on the night’s program was Rhythm Connection’s one boy dance troop, which performed Justin Beiber’s “Baby, Baby.”

Following Rhythm Connection’s performance of “The Only Girl in the World,” the program wrapped up with the Vistauns being escorted through the gym on the arms of their fathers, grandfathers, brothers, and friends.

They were introduced by Johnson and each had their own favorite memory from the past year. Some of those memories included pranks, streaking, watching So You Think You Can Dance as a group, and goofing around. Some girls, like Autum Perkins, simply enjoyed spending time with their teammates in the hotels they stayed in throughout the year. Spending time with teammates was an overwhelmingly favorite memory.

Johnson, who has coached the Vistauns for four seasons, said that her favorite part about being the coach was “watching how well the girls improved as both dancers and people.”

As the night drew to a close, the group sang, cried, laughed, and danced together with the team that will soon be entirely different. Graduating seniors on the team this year include: Brittny Wright, Cami Bodily, Carley Buttars, CieAra Nalder, and Kirsten Nelson. Next year will bring a new set of girls and a new sense of comradely.