Cache school district asking for your opinion on budget cuts

Cache County School District has posted on their home page a link for patrons to give input for the budget cuts that must happen for next school year. There is a 16 minute video presentation on parts of the budget—where the money comes from and goes to, a spreadsheet with specific dollar amounts for each type of expenditure in Cache District and a Survey for comments to be received with the following four questions:

  1. What district programs and services do you view as critical and oppose reducing if that reduction would change the quality and level of service?
  2. What district programs and services do you view as important, but would support reducing in some manner given the fiscal environment?
  3. What district programs and services do you view as non-essential and are willing to do without?
  4. What specific suggestions do you have for developing the FY 2011 budget?

This is an opportunity for your positive comments to be read and reviewed by those in the district who will make budget cuts for the next school year. I have been on several committees with both Sky View and District personel this year as they consider those budget cuts and it is NOT an easy or simple process. Please take the opportunity the District has offered to us to educate yourself on the process and give some constructive feedback if you are interested in doing so.

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